Sunday, March 20, 2011

dear coffee: you are awesome.

coffee wasn't always part of my life, but it has become a dear friend in the last few years.  i've toyed with different brewing methods... quite a few, actually. french press, drip, keurig single brew, stove top percolator, espresso machine.. each have their pluses and minuses.  the one that i liked most of all of the above was my de longhi espresso machine.  it made really delicious, rich and hot coffee (i would add boiling water to make an americano) but it had no multiple mug option... meaning i had to set it up each time i wanted a cup of coffee.  which in the grand scheme of things, is not a HUGE problem, but in a perfect world, i wanted a scalding hot, rich, delicious multiple cup brewing method.

then i read an article on an amazing blog touting the virtues of old school retro electric percolator coffee makers.  they spoke about how it produced HOT (very important to me) richly flavoured coffee. never tasting burnt. they posted a picture, and suddenly, i remembered the very same model from my childhood. my mom once used a percolator just like it.  i was also pretty sure i had seen that bad boy in storage in her basement.  next time i was over at their house, i went downstairs to check it out, and there it was... ignored for god knows how long, all nestled in amongst the other long forgotten small appliances of yesteryear. 

well i have to tell you that the reports were correct.  this makes delicious coffee, up to 9 cups.  it's hot, super rich from the percolation process, and never ever burnt tasting.  i love the sounds it makes when it's working, and always a fan of retro designs, i love the way it looks on my counter. 

so three caffeinated cheers for the small appliances of yesteryear. i hope this machine lasts FOREVER.


  1. wow, memories. i have my mom's old corning cornflower blue coffee pot (non-electric) with my camping stuff and it makes THE yummiest coffee. i wish i still had her electric percolater too.

  2. denise.. they are all over ebay for cheap!