Saturday, March 26, 2011

meat! meat from heaven!

i could never be a vegetarian. ever ever ever, not in a thousand years. my body requires meat. i crave it. i'm a hard core carnivore, and i'm not going to apologize for it.

i do, however, pause to consider where my food comes from.  i've read food inc and the omnivore's dilemma and i get it.  i get that it's important to treat the animals we eat kindly. it makes sense that animals who are permitted to roam around and have space, to eat the food they were meant to eat at their own pace and not live their lives completely stressed out will probably be nutritionally superior and taste better. i appreciate that we live in a country with a huge amount of farm land and that i should probably support the farmers who are local to me. i am not completely sold on certified organic, in that i think it's to some degree a big money grab. an organic stamp does not guarantee that an animal wasn't raised in confinement or that it wasn't fed grain. what it means, i guess, is that you can be certain that they're still being raised without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc.  which is good, i guess... but i don't feel like i need the stamp of certified organic to feel good about how the animals were raised. 

i researched around for a local farm that offered some sort of meatshare or csa program, and i found twincreeks farm on the interwebz. they met all the the requirements i was interested in, so i went ahead and signed up to their meat csa.  it's for 6 months, and once a month, the farmer drives into the city with your share for pickup.

today, i went to pickup my share, and i am so totally stoked about it! 

glorious meat bounty  
so, what we have here is a big honkin' smoked ham, two lamb racks, ground beef, ground pork, pork chops, pork schnitzel, back bacon, sirloin steak, and a nice chunk of ribeye roast. i've taken the ham out for dinner tomorrow.  i'm excited about the meaty goodness! and about supporting local farmers who raise happy animals. but mostly about the tasty meat, i gotta be honest.

three cheers for meat!

i've also signed us up for a veggie csa through the cutting veg, another local farm. that won't start till end of may though, cause we live in the emmereffing tundra.

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