Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oh hai!

well hello there!

you probably know me already, how else would you have found this page?

shit is getting real. we got married. we went on honeymoon. we're figuring out the logistics of starting a family. i mean, i know  *how* to start a family... shut up.

so now i feel like a real grown up person who may, in the near future, start bringing other people into this world. it feels weird. it feels important. it feels like something i don't know how to do. so i thought i would write about stuff. not just that stuff, but other stuff too. also, things. stuff and things. honestly, funny stuff happens to me. you'll see.

given my penchant for starting things and not finishing them, i can't 100% say that this will stick, but for many years i kept an online journal. i LOVED keeping that journal. it was a wonderful outlet, and i met many many amazing people who i am still friends with today.  facebook came around and stomped that site dead with it's gargantuan social media godzilla foot, but i do miss documenting my life in longer than 140 character spurts. so, i am going to resolve to not only start yet another blog, but to keep this one going. you are my witness, whoever you are :)

things i will write about:
  • food
  • our pets
  • cooking
  • travel
  • my friends. i have a few!
  • my family. we have LOTS
  • that i love my job
  • that i have a bad temper and sometimes want to inflict random violence, but please rest assured that i am a mostly non-violent person
  • at some point in the near future, perhaps my vagina. or my uterus. or things inside my uterus. not things inside my vagina, though. no worries there.
  • other various and sundries. i have a fleeting attention span. 

things i will not be writing about:
  • details of my job
  • details of my husband's job
  • justin bieber
  • that's probably it. 

that's all for now, see you again soooooon.

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