Monday, March 21, 2011

spring has sprung. on the bottom of my shoe.

spring has indeed sprung, although i'm not counting out one final "out like a lion" situation from going down.  i like spring, a lot a lot. mostly because it means winter is over, but also because it means a lot of wonderful things are just around the corner.

spring pros:
-seeing tiny little crocus/tulip/daffodil/hyacinth buds breaking through the earth makes me happy
-welcome back robins!
-planning what i will plant is exciting.
-speaking of, the promise of delicious ontario produce, right around the corner
-more daylight
-less sock wearing

spring cons:
-freshly thawed dog shit bombs everywhere, just waiting for you to step in them.

obviously, the pros far outweight the cons, but still.  han solo in cryostasis= sexy. dog shit, not so much.

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