Friday, April 8, 2011

buffalo bound!

tomorrow, at quarter to early o'clock, myself and two of my favourite girls on earth will be getting in the car and heading to buffalo for the day. we like to hold hands and skip around wegman's and check out all the grocery store goodies that for whatever reason, we don't get up here in canada.  sometimes jumping and hand clapping occurs. we get very excited.

we're also making a pilgrimage to the meat curing mecca, the sausage maker. i've been having trouble finding sodium nitrite, aka pink salt, instacure #1, or prague powder locally, and it's essential for many cure preparations in meats. this place has everything. my meatgeek is fully on right now.

we'll also hit target, because it is awesome. yay for our dollar being above par!


  1. It's so true.. We skip down the aisles.. Sometimes I run ahead and then gasp and everyone comes running. It is made more fun by the non-peak hours we go ! Wegman's at the crack of dawn is good fun !
    I can't wait to meet the sausage king of Buffalo.. Those Poles know a thing or two about tubed meat !!

  2. You ladies do the best roadtrips!