Saturday, April 9, 2011

when the cat is away...

the mice take their bras off and eat sliced salami for dinner.

dan is in hell's kitchener for his annual weekend-long charity volleyball tourney/drink fest, and i am braless, wearing my pyjayjay pants with a pug at my side eating salami and watching superbad for the 2348329584732th time. i am an uncontrollable party animal. lindsay lohan is worried about me.

today's buffalo trip was a fruitful one. we got the instacure, which was the thing i was really excited about... but i also got some wonderful US only standards like diet snapple drink sticks, blue cheese laughing cow wedges, nsa malt balls, sugar free cake mixes... oooh so many wonderful things.

kat was also excited about sausage.

so tomorrow i will go out and get myself a couple pieces of pork belly, and one will be cured for bacon, and one will be cured and then dried to make pancetta. so many delicious porcine delights in my future!


  1. I am waving like the queen ! We were Queens of meat that day. I got a Chaurcetrie (sp?) Book from the library and it is a textbook for the Culinary Arts.. Well didnt they mention The Sausage Maker! Apparently their equipment is top notch !! We really were at the Wailing wall of sausage

  2. meat mecca! that charcuterie book that i love so much lists them as a source for all sorts of things. they do a bang up mail order business!