Sunday, May 8, 2011

april showers bring... more showers.

WELL i think we got 43189032198 consecutive days of cold gray shitball rainy weather. being outside has not been pleasant, and the weather prevented me from getting into my garden, which was a really big mess.  we live in a townhouse and our garden area is not that big, but i managed last year to grow cucumbers, a bunch of different types of tomatoes, green beans. arugula, and a buttload of herbs. it was my first time ever growing green beans, and man, are they ever better fresh off the vine. i ate lots of them raw, they were so sweet.  and i think you would be hard pressed to find something more delicious than a sun-warmed tomato eaten right off the vine.  it's one of the really awesome things in life and i look forward each year to growing my own tomatoes.

this year i've signed us up for a veggie csa from a nearby farm, so i'm going to cut down on the amount of tomato plants i put in the ground. i'm going to do a couple different kinds of tomatoes, beans again, cucumbers, plenty of herbs, some salad greens, probably arugula again and i will try radishes. i'm also going to beautify and plant a bunch of flowers.

today i was able to do a real thorough clean up, and tomorrow i will begin to plant in earnest.  we're not supposed to really start planting till the end of may because it can still be cold at night, but the weather report is promising nice warm weather, and i'm going to start with the beans and a couple herbs.  i went to the garden center today and they still haven't been fully stocked in veg and herb plants. i'll plant tomatoes and the bulk of the herbs next week.

i was pleased to see that my mint and oregano came back and that the potted hydrangea (a gift from my mom last year) that i planted at the end of the season is sending up healthy looking green leaves. the two lillies that i planted are also back.  today my mom dug up a few of her hostas and and bleeding hearts and sent me home with them, so i'll throw those in, too.

well, this is the most boring post i've ever made. if you made it all the way through, i apologize for wasting 5 minutes of your life.

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