Thursday, June 16, 2011

already learning to be flexible.

so the results from my blood/urine are in, and it seems like i'm spilling a fair amount of protein in my urine. it's probably too early for it to be pregnancy related, so there's a chance that i had some preexisting kidney dysfunction going on before. i was referred to a nephrologist and see her this afternoon.  i don't know if there's anything they can actually do while i'm pregnant, we'll see what the doc has to say this afternoon.

in light of these findings, i've decided to preemptively switch my care from a midwife to an OB.  if something's up and has the potential to become complicated, i'll feel better under the care of an OB seeing as how midwives really specialize in uncomplicated pregnancies. hopefully we can figure out what's what, get it handled, and i can have a midwife with my next pregnancy. i just want this cellball to develop safely and happily.

i see my OB for the first time on july 14th.  she delivers out of north york general, which is where the midwifery practice i was going to see delivers out of. hopefully i'll like her!

i've been pretty aggressively getting all these appointments scheduled. in the last two weeks i've gotten appointments with a new family doc, (thank GOD i can kiss that hell-hole walk in clinic goodbye) the OB and the nephro.  i've been really annoying persistent in calling the OB and nephro every day, trying to get in as quickly as possible, and it worked out.  i'll be glad for the peace of mind.  i'm good at being annoying.  always have been.

things seem to be moving fairly quickly at times and painfully slow other times.  this week went by fast. i visited jess in connecticut which was wonderful. we just relaxed and hung out the entire time i was there. it was freakin' magic.  also, my cloth diapers that i had shipped to her house were waiting for me. they are nauseatingly cute and i can't wait till their full of shit and piss.  baby shit and piss, no one else's.

my husband remains cute and excited. i adore him. he seems to be dealing with my irritability like a champ. god love him.

will update as things move along! 

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