Friday, June 24, 2011

week 8.5

dear embryo;

i'm wondering if my uterus is wifi enabled and you were able to read my last post, because i have not experienced any nausea or morning sickness since then. do you have a tiny iphone in there?  if you're any child of ours, you probably already have your own email address. at any rate, i appreciate it. i did not like. and hopefully it will stay gone.  little webbed fingers crossed.

other than that delightful change, things are pretty well the same.  i still feel pretty great aside from the fatigue and sore boobs. i have been dealing with a gout flare up and that has sucked. i can't really take any effective treatment for it because if i do, you may end up with gills and scales. i want you to be a unique and beautiful snowflake, but not like that.

i have fantasies about what you will look like. what your eyes will look like. who's nose you'll have. i think you'll probably be tall. i think you'll probably have a righteous set of cheeks. i will pinch and bite them.

i also have fantasies of stealing an ultrasound machine so i can see you all the time, whenever i want. it felt so great to see your little black and white flickering image on the screen a couple weeks ago, and i can't wait until i can see you again.  next time i see you you're going to look an awful lot more like a baby and much less like a weird lima bean with a heartbeat.  can't wait for that!

anyhow... it has been a nice slow quiet week. i hope you're still finding your accommodations to be comfy cozy.

keep growin!

love, your mom.

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  1. pfffttt.. email address, this kid already has a cloud server and is uploading info in-utero