Wednesday, June 29, 2011

week 9.5

dear embryo;

sup, lil dude(tte)?  i am writing this a little earlier in the week because we are hightailing it out of the city in short order. it's canada day on friday, and a long weekend. we are going up to the cottage. it belongs to your grandparents, and you will get to know that place very well, because we like to go there a whole lot. we hope to spend some time swimming, which will be like a weird meta swimming pool for you considering you're already in a swimming pool. that's as deep as your mom gets, embryo. also there will be eating. and your auntie kat is going to teach me how to knit. i'm going to make you silly hats. and booties. but mostly silly hats. you're going to be born mid-winter, so you will be wearing hats a lot. some will look like fruit, and some like creatures. i will spend most of your life embarrassing you, so you might as well get used to it early on.

things have not really changed much for me since last week, little guy, which i am thankful for. i haven't been nauseous and i'm still napping whenever i can. boobs are reaching ridiculous proportions. you will have lots to eat when you're here, that's for sure. the weather has been a little coolish, but i'm ok with that. your mommy doesn't do too well in the heat.

you, on the other hand, have been very busy, according to my books.  this week you've been forming tooth buds and you have elbows and your arms can flex.  i like to think you're floating in there, with your toothbuds, throwing up the horns. cause you can. that's pretty rad.  also, your stomach is producing digestive juices and your kidneys are forming more and more pee. you're looking a lot more like a tiny person. it's freaky how quickly these things happen.

anyhow, i'm going to finish packing and then grab a nap, cause napping is how i roll these days. i like to think that a happy nappy mommy makes good healthy babies. enjoy your elbows!

your mom.

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