Friday, July 15, 2011

12 weeks!

dear cletus;

so, you  may notice that you've aged a bit since my last post to you.  turns out that the dating ultrasound showed you to be 4 days older than we initially thought. so your new date is january 24th. which means my new week of pregnancy begins every tuesday, not every saturday. so, you are officially 12 weeks and 3 days along. good going little nugget. you're already exceeding expectations.

this week your intestines are moving out of the umbilical cord and down in your abdomen where they should be. that's pretty cool, cletus, cause i didn't even know that your intestines were in your umbilical cord at all.  your reflexes are developing and you're moving your limbs around and clenching your hands and feet. 

today we met with your baby doctor, and had a nuchal translucency ultrasound done.  i wasn't sure if we were going to get a chance to see you before 16 weeks so that was a really happy surprise. the doctor who did your ultrasound had us laughing the moment we walked in the door. he was awesome and hysterical. your dad was there to see you for the first time, and you must have known you had an audience cause you were wriggling around like mad, flailing your little arms and legs all over. the doc explained that you have all the things you should have, (2 brain hemispheres, 2 arms and legs, unclenched firsts, a beating heart) and none of the things you shouldn't have (a cleft palate, a hole in your stomach, etc) he said you looked happy and healthy and well on your way.  we got to listen to your heartbeat a couple times, which was awesome. apparently i have an anterior placenta which means i might not get to feel you move till a little later on, like 22 weeks. unfortunately, because i did not have a full enough bladder, which i don't even understand cause i almost wet myself on the table, we could not get a clear enough shot to take a nice picture. next time.

the OB was really nice, too. it was more an interview than an exam, just getting our medical history, informing us of some procedure, etc. i see her again in a month. she was engaging and spoke to us and not at us. eye contact and all that fun stuff. i got requisitions for reams of pages of bloodwork and ultrasounds. we will be testing to see if i'm a carrier for tay-sachs disease, because your mommy is a member of the tribe. anyhow, that was long and rambling, but between the nephrologist, our new family doc and the baby doc, i feel like you've got a wonderful team behind us, making sure we're both happy and healthy.

i have an appointment on august 29th to see your junk on ultrasound. i want to urge you, cletus, not to be shy.  be slutty. show us your stuff. i don't know if you understand how anxious i am to know your gender. like i said before, i feel like you're a girl, but i need confirmation so i can go to a baby clothes store and buy you the frilliest, most girliest garment they have. i want lace, pompoms, glitter, and the brightest shade of pink legally allowed. which doesn't even make any sense, because i'm one of the least girliest girls i know. but whatever... these are primal urges beyond my control.  i am begging. show us your taco.

i am still feeling pretty darned great, aside from the fatigue which has not abated in the slightest. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i'll take it any day over constant barfing. no other changes, really. i'm feeling very happy and pleased with how things are progressing. seeing you yesterday recharged my heart full of love. every time i think about your little wiggly limbs, i smile/cry. can't wait to get to know you, you adorable little parasite, you.

keep growin'
love, your mommy.


  1. fyi, my highschool boyfriend's dad was named cletus. i laugh every time i read that name here. and the one about the taco.

  2. Dear Cletus,
    Your Mommy is a nutcase. But I love her. I hope like hell you're a girl or otherwise you're gonna have to fight your way through pre-school what with all the hot pink frillies....
    One of your many "Aunties"