Thursday, July 28, 2011

14 weeks!

dear cletus;

things seem to be racing along. this week went by super fast. i've been working and keeping busy, and feeling really great.  the tiredness hasn't changed too much for the better, but it's also been hot as balls outside, which i find drains me of all energy.

apparently you are spending your time practicing how to do baby things these days. breathing, sucking, swallowing, kicking... i read that by now you can even suck your thumb! you are the size of a navel orange, which are one of my favourite fruits, so good for you!

i feel like i'm looking pretty pregnant these days.  i definitely have a bump. i like to rest my hands on it and send you good thoughts and energy.  i have a (girl) name in mind for you, and yesterday i saw that name written in 4 different places, which is a clear and obvious sign from the universe that you are a girl and that is your name.

the OB called me last week to let me know that my thyroid levels were a bit low.  apparently they measure preggos on a different scale than non preggos, and if i were not pregnant my thyroid levels would be perfectly normal, but since i am, they are a little bit low, which can mean serious business for baking babies. so she put me on a small does of synthroid which i will stay on until you are here. it's easily manageable and the medication is completely safe, so yay for easy answers. 

tomorrow we are once again heading up to the cottage, this time with your grandparents. your uncle and his gf will be showing up the next day. it will mark the 1 year anniversary from the day your daddy proposed to me.  i guess it's been a busy year ;)  the weather is supposed to be fabulous and the lake has finally warmed up enough to go swimming in, and that's all i really plan on doing. our family has always been pretty close, cletus, suffocatingly so at times, but i have really felt a sincere outpouring of love and it warms my heart. not just from family, but cherished friends, too. there are people who are truly dying to meet you. you are lucky before you are even born.

ok, well i have to go do laundry for the weekend and make sure we get into bed at a respectable hour.

keep growing, my delicious citrus fruit.

love, your momz.

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