Thursday, July 7, 2011

week 10.5

dear CLETUS;

well, well, well... it's official, you are now a FETUS.  you have been so busy laying down all your vital organs. your fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and you have fingernails. FINGERNAILS.  since you will be a girl, i have plans to paint those mofos ridiculous colours. i hope you like lime green. by this time next week you will have doubled in size. going from the size of a lime to the size of a plum. i like all the fruit references. also, your ears are moving to their rightful place, to the sides of your head. i'm glad for that, cause ears at the top of your head are weird. unless you're a bunny, i guess.

speaking of doubling in size, i have been craving peanut butter and chocolate icecream from baskin robbins like a fucking crackhead. it's all i can think about. as of yet i have not indulged this craving, because i'm fairly certain that one taste will not satisfy and will only leave me wanting more. MOOOOOOOORE.  i was sick a couple days this week, but otherwise have been feeling pretty good. my gouty foot is almost 100% better and i am extremely thankful for that.

next week we will meet with your baby doctor. i am excited. i can't wait to hear your heartbeat. the further along i get, the more excited i am about finding out your gender (totally a girl) and feeling you move. i never thought that i would ever entertain the idea of having one of those 3d ultrasounds done, cause frankly, cletus, they make you babies look like creepy alien freaks. HOWEVER i found out that you can find out the gender like 2 WHOLE WEEKS before what you can with a standard ultrasound and i'm now thinking it's THE BEST IDEA OF ALL TIME. did you know your mommy is not a patient person? well, it's true. i would probably drop a grand if someone could tell me your gender RIGHT.EFFING.NOW.

totally a girl.

keep doing your thang.
~your mommy, xoxoxo.


  1. Oooh I hope it's a girl. I want a girl soooo bad! (Stupid non-child wanting husband *grumblegrumble). I want you to have a girl so I can spoil her with all the pretty lovely things. Can I still do that if you have a boy???? PLEASE????? :D

  2. you can smush on our girl anytime :)