Tuesday, July 19, 2011

week 13

dear cletus;

congratulations, little one. today is the first day of your second trimester. this means that things are an awful lot safer for you, cletus, and the promise of more energy and less tender boobs for me. it's a win/win situation.

this week you have fingerprints and you're able to frown and squint. i hope though that you're not frowning too much.  you may also be growing hair on your head and even eyebrows!  also, since you're a girl, your eggs have already formed inside your ovaries. that's just crazy.

i have been feeling pretty great. no nausea this week, but a couple random barfs. they kind of happen out of nowhere, and i'm happy that both times i was at home.  i'll just be sitting there and then i'm all like OK BARFING NOW and it's all i can do to race up the stairs and make sure i make it to the bathroom and not just yack on the floor. then i feel fine. also, i'm getting a bit out of control with the emotional stuff.

things that made me cry this week:
1) any show that ever had a baby, or more specifically, a mom or dad holding and being all cute with said baby.
2) a commercial that had a dog in it
3) when i bought a card for a friends wedding happening this weekend and the sentimental bullshit on the inside of the card was JUST TOO SWEET OMG BOOHOO
4) the show "surprise homecoming" which i should not be allowed to watch ever again, because hyperventilation.
5) harry potter and the deathly constant sobbing, part two, which dan and i went and saw in the theatre and i cried through 2/3rds of.

there are more things, but along with being super emotional, i also can't remember what happened 5 minutes ago, so that's all i got now.

i got some results from the kidney specialist, things seem to be ok, and she's going to continue to monitor me through the remainder of the pregnancy to make sure things stay fine.  also, i got a call from the OB today who told me that my thyroid blood test came back an eentsy bit elevated.  apparently if i were not pregnant, the values would have been just fine, but they measure pregnant chicks differently from unpregnant chicks, and i'm going to have to start taking thyroid meds asap and will continue on them till cletus is here. no problems with the meds and pregnancy, so yay. 

well that's about all for this week. i think about you all the time and hope you're not using your new frowny face too much. keep it to smileys.

keep on growing!

love, your mommy.

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