Friday, August 19, 2011

17 weeks!

dear cletus.

so the big event of the week was finding out your gender.  turns out that mother's intuition was correct and you are indeed a GIRL!  i would have loved you just as hard if you were a boy, but i just felt such strong girlie vibes from you since pretty early out. i was pretty sure about it.  hey, i had a 50% chance of being right.
 happy dance of happiness!

i could never really wrap my head around how anyone could wait till the birth to find out.  i feel like i now get to think of you as a person instead of some genderless question mark baby. i can begin dreaming about what you will look like.  once we decide on your name, i can speak to you by that name. it makes you feel more real to me, and i wonder if you'll end up resembling the baby i'll be imagining in my head. you were moving and grooving on the ultrasound, gave up your business right away, and then crossed your legs and wouldn't uncross them again for quite some time.  remind me one day to have a conversation with you about playing hard to get, because you're kind of doing it wrong.

this week you are the size of a sweet potato! delicious! your bones are starting to really calcify, your nerves are myelinating, and you're able to yawn and hiccup!! most pregnant moms are beginning to feel their babies move by now, but just like the doctor warned (because of my placenta positioning) i probably won't feel anything for another few weeks, and so far i have not.  that's something i'm really excited about, too.

i've been feeling pretty good. the sexy pregnancy voice continues, and i'm feeling more and more energy. it's nice to not have to collapse into bed at 9 pm. the only symptoms that i've had from the beginning and won't go away is heartburn, and my OB suggested that i take zantac instead of popping rolaids all day. hopefully that'll work better for me.

tomorrow your dad and i are going to pick up your awesome stroller in buffalo. it will be a super fun time for you in that thing. we may also stop in at target or carter's and look at some disgustingly adorable pink frilly baby clothes for you. this is the part that i've been waiting for, cletus. you're going to be one snappy dresser, let me tell you.

keep growin, my baby GIRL!
love, your mommy.


  1. Time to start picking names, Kiddo! What are the one's you dreamed of when you were a girl--playing wedding with your pillowcase for a veil? (Don't tell me you didn't!) Anyways--those names are prolly NOT the ones you want to call your kid--unless you've already started the therapy fund! Okay--to be fair--my kid was gonna be Anastasia. No wonder she never showed, eh?