Sunday, August 28, 2011

18 weeks!

dear cletus;

hey there little girl! there are two apps that i downloaded to give me my weekly baby facts and i'm sorry to report that they have conflicting information on your growth this week.  once says that you're the size of a large mango, and the other says you're the size of an heirloom tomato. all i know is that if you combine the two together, you could have a lovely fresh salsa. so refreshing!

either way, you're getting closer to weighing a whole pound. that's crazy, considering when we started all this a mere 4.5 months ago you were microscopic. i have studied biology and physiology and had a loose idea of what happens in there with baby making, but examining it on a week to week level has blown my mind.  it's crazy to me how the body just knows what to do. nobody tells it to grow a placenta out of nowhere, but then it just goes ahead and does that.  need a brand new organ to nourish this newly implanted zygote? well SURE! order up!  really cool.

apparently this week, you've been covered in a "cheesy varnish" called vernix caseosa, which serves to protect your sensitive skin against exposure to amniotic fluid. frankly, cletus, that sounds disgusting, but i'm glad you won't be getting too pruney in there. apparently the neurons connecting your brain to your muscles are now fully connected, so the kicking and stretching should be increasing, although the last couple times we've seen you on ultrasound you've been quite active. i like to think that you're just super gifted.

speaking of ultrasounds, this tuesday we have an extended anatomy scan. i'm excited for any opportunity to see you on ultrasound, but this appointment should be extra cool, because they spend nearly an hour checking you out, counting arms, legs, fingers, toes, kidneys, lobes, measuring things... basically i get to gawk at you for a long time and that makes me super happy. i am bringing your gramma along so she can also gawk at you. she's very excited.

your baba has been shopping since we found out you're a girl. she is so very excited. it's quite adorable.  they are turning my old bedroom into a nursery, with a crib that was so kindly given to us by a very generous sweet friend. here she is with one of her adorable purchases. a rubber ducky hooded towel.

quack quack!!

i think we know your name, cletus. it's a name that came to me once i started feeling like you were a girl. since having this name pop into my head, i've seen it written in several places randomly. and it's not such a common name, so it was clearly a signal that not only were you for sure a girl, but that's what your name was meant to be. look, your mom is one of those flakey people who takes her cues from the universe. it's a big place, and when it speaks to me, i listen. anyhow.. i'm not going to write it down here, because once you pick a name and start telling people, there's always some dickwad who says "oh no you CAN'T name her that! i had a mean aunt/terrible teacher/husband stealing friend/whateverwhatever who was named that!!"  well tough titties. go to therapy and get over it, because that's my daughter's name.

my sexy pregnancy voice has cleared up a fair bit, and is almost back to normal. no crazy cravings still. i was experiencing some low back pain after waking up in the morning, and i got a great pregnancy body pillow called the snoogle, and it has given me back my restful sleep, which i'm very thankful for.  everything else is fine. my nipples are itchy. there's your dose of tmi for the week.

can't wait to see your beautiful parts on the ultrasound in a couple days!

keep growing! love, your mom :)

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