Thursday, August 4, 2011

week 15!

dear cletus;

according to my books, you are the size of an avocado this week. this is, in my opinion, the most delicious fruit you've been so far.  also full of vitamin e.  a superfruit, really. good job! apparently you've got your ear bones in now, which means you can probably hear my voice and music. i should probably start singing to you and telling you stories. do you like nine inch nails? cause i know all the words to those songs.  i don't even know what kids listen to these days, to be honest.  in my day it was sharon lois and bram. and raffi. raffi's kind of boring but i do love me some SL&B.  they rock. though i think one of them is now dead.  maybe bram. 

this past week has also flown by. the cottage was a great time, the weather was totally outstanding, and we got lots of swimming in. lots of great family time, a less than stellar (hah) meteor shower, and some good eating, which is par for the course with my family. all in all a great weekend. i think we're going to try to go back up for labour day. will probably be the last chance to get in that lake before it gets uncomfortably cold again.

i've been feeling pretty great. heartburn has been somewhat less. i noticed yesterday that i didn't eat a single rolaid all day. that's a nice change. i'm still craving fresh fruit like mad. i've been increasingly forgetful. the pregtardation is no fucking joke.

we made an appointment at a 3D ultrasound place to find out if you're a girl or a boy on august 17th. i have an appointment at the end of the month for my seconds trimester ultrasound at the lab, but paying a small bit of money to find out two weeks early sounded like a fine idea to me.  i remind you not to be shy about your bits. the tech told me to bring cold juice to drink, because the temperature and sugar sometimes convince sleeping babies to show move around and show their stuff.  i can't even wait. 13 days, cletus. i'm thinking vagina thoughts. you know, cause you're a girl.

keep growing, my lovely guacamole.

~love, your mom.

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