Friday, August 12, 2011

week 16!

dear cletus;

well, you are officially 4 months on the inside. this week you are the size of a turnip. i've noticed by looking forward that there is an unfortunate vegetable comparison trend happening in your future development.  i liked the fruit thing, but i guess vegetables tend to grow larger than most fruit.  "you are now the size of a durian.  highly prized, yet super smelly and banned from most forms of public transit."  ok, i guess i'll take turnip.

apparently you've spent the past week making finger prints, accumulating body fat, moving your eyes from side to side and beginning to perceive light. sounds like a very productive use of your time.

i had a general check up today with my family doc, and things on my end are looking good. i begged her to doppler my belly. she agreed, and we heard your little fast heartbeat. i had been having a kind of shitty day up until that point, and that brightened my mood right up.  i haven't felt you move yet, cletus, which the OB warned would probably not happen till later because of the placement of my placenta, so having little experiences like hearing your heartbeat make me feel really connected to you.  i've been feeling so great lately, that the only sure sign i have that i'm pregnant is the fact that i no longer fit into any of my clothes.

a newish development is that i have become so absent minded, that i'm thinking of having a t-shirt printed up with my name and address on it, so if i wander off somewhere, that someone will be able to return me home.  today i went to walmart to pick up some stuff, and it took me 20 minutes to find my car.  when i tried to remember where i might have parked it, it occurred to me that i didn't actually remember getting to walmart. i have also spent time looking all over the house for where i might have put the milk (try the fridge, stupid) and my ability to do even the most simple math is totally gone.  i have also developed this very gruff and raspy new voice.  i was reading that during your second trimester, some women experience chronic congestion.  i guess mine has settled right onto my vocal cords.  it's sort of sexy, but mostly i think i sound like aunt selma, marge simpson's chain smoking sister. 

well that's all really for this week.  i am counting down the days till the gender ultrasound. 5 days!!  can't wait.

keep growing!

love, mumsy.


  1. Jude, I love this! You're going to be the best mom. xoxoxox