Friday, September 16, 2011

21 weeks!

dear cletus;

hey there little girl! this week is kind of a big deal, as you now weigh about 1 pound, measure 10 inches long... about the size of a spaghetti squash! quite frankly, i never understood the big deal about spaghetti squash. sure, it may LOOK like spaghetti when you cook it, but you're not fooling anyone, squash. you taste weird. you know what tastes like spaghetti? spaghetti.  just sayin'.

ANYHOW.. my aps are telling me that you are developing quite a mean little grip, and might be challenging your umbilical cord to a good old fashioned arm wrestle, all sylvester stallone over the top style. also, your taste buds are starting to come in and your light/dark perception is getting stronger. your hair is also getting bushier this week.  i am going to stick pink sparkly barrettes all over that business, just fyi. maybe a headband with a massive flower glued to it. you will hate it, i'm sure.

the big development this week is that i finally felt you move, which was very very exciting to me. it's happened a couple times, but i've noticed it only after i eat something.  it seems pretty unsurprising to me that a child of mine would be food motivated.  i was unsure at first what it was, it felt like maybe my tummy was mildly objecting to what it was i had eaten, but then i remembered that i have a baby in there.  it was a really awesome feeling, and i'm excited to feel you jiggling in there more and more!

went to see the OB today for my anatomy scan results, and everything looks great. you're the size you should be and all your organs appear to be developing normally. my thyroid levels were efficiently corrected with the small dose of synthroid. we heard your heartbeat and asked our questions and we'll see her again next month, at which time they'll be doing to glucose tolerance test to make sure i don't have gestational diabetes.  i used to have diabetes, so i'm hoping it won't be an issue.

i've been feeling great. heartburn is my only lingering symptom, but it's being well managed. i have started to feel tightness in my hips and legs but i get massage and chiropractic twice a month, and that helps a whole lot. in fact, i'm going for my massage in just an hour. 90 minutes of heaven. i look forward to it so hard, and float out of there like a happy pregnant cloud.

the weather has turned cool, and that makes me deliriously happy.  i LOVE autumn. i love the crisp air and cooking soups. i think of taking you in your stroller to the royal winter fair and apple picking at chudleigh's next year, and i can hardly stand it. i think part of the real fun of being a parent is doing all the shit you love doing with your kid and seeing them taking it all in, experiencing it for the first time. i will go to the petting zoos with you, cletus, and we will love up on some goats.

till next week, keep growin', movin' and shakin'!

love love love, your mom :)

OH i forgot i never posted her ultrasound piccie!

there ya go, that's our cletus.

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