Saturday, September 24, 2011

22 weeks!

dear cletus;

hi! how ya doin? if we can measure happiness by all the jumping around you're doing in my belly, then i'd say you are one happy little girl. i am in love with feeling you move. it's just about the most awesome feeling ever. there's some lower down feelings and some higher up feelings. my least favourite is when it feels like you're kicking me in the cervix.  that's not very nice, cletus. i like the loop-dee-loop feelings the best. i think you are going to be a gymnast!

this week you are the size of a papaya! i enjoy papaya. so much more interesting than a rutabaga. your job for the next few weeks, and up until your delivery, i guess, is to accumulate fat under your still translucent skin.  in the next month you'll be doubling your weight!

i feel like i'll be doubling my weight, too.  all i want to do is eat. fortunately, i get full really quickly. i have to make sure i have healthy snacks in place like fruit and veg, or else i am in danger of eating anything in front of me. no particular cravings, just food. i want to eat food. all the time.

we got some gorgeous wallpaper for your nursery, and this week i'll be matching up paint for the other three walls in there. we ordered your crib, a gift from your grandmother.  we already have a bookcase, and now all we need as far as furniture goes is a change table and we'll be good to go. oh, and a rug, but i'm on that, too. i am trying to figure out the items that we really need for when you're here. fortunately, i know lots of moms and dads and have received some very valuable input.  i registered (your gramma is throwing you a baby shower in november!) and i think i have all my bases covered.  babies require a lot of stuff, holy shitballs.

i have been very lazy, but the time has come to organize and prepare this house for your arrival. i have approximately 4 zillion loads of laundry to do, and i also need to thin out some of our crap.  i plan on going room to room and minimize with the keep, donate and toss method. if my hand has not touched it in 6 months (and it's not a seasonal item, of course) then out it goes.  we are going to need storage when you get here. i hate cleaning, cletus. i'm not good at it, it's my least favourite thing to do, but it needs doing, no joke. there are 4 months left until you get here, and time is moving very fast. before we know it you'll be here, and if i don't get moving, i'll have to bathe you in one of my stockpots.

me and your daddy are going apple picking today. cause eating apples is better than eating chocolate.

keep well and keep growing!
love, your mom.

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  1. Correction: eating apples is NOT better than eating chocolate. I think it's unfair to start your child's life off with a lie.