Tuesday, September 6, 2011

weeks 19 AND 20!!

well, we are officially halfway through this pregnancy. incredible! it's gone by so fast. i don't know whether things will speed up from here or slow down.  i think once i'm feeling omg huge and massively pregnant that they will slow down to a crawl. but i always find this time of year to whip by. like, it's september, and then an eye blink and it's thanksgiving, and another and it's christmas/new years. i'm sure having things to do and get ready for will only make it whip by faster.

i missed updating last week and i totally didn't mean to.  just completely slipped my mind.  to be quite honest, these last couple weeks have been pretty nice and easy on my physically. we put an offer on a house last week, and i think all that excitement and action had me pretty preoccupied. we didn't get the house, but we will continue looking in that area.  it's in the part of the city that i grew up in, and my parents still live there.  suddenly it seems like a really really great idea to live in close proximity to my mom. this place was a 5 minute walk from door to door. ah well, we will find our house and it will be awesome.

ANYHOW, on to more important things, cletus, like you and how you are doing. we have come back to fruit. in week 19 you were the size of a small cantaloupe. and now you are the length of a banana!  i guess before 20 weeks they measure you fetuses from "crown to rump" because your legs are all curled up to your torsos. but after 20 weeks they start to measure you from head to toe. apparently you are swallowing a lot more amniotic fluid these days, which prepares you for digestion once you're born. you're also producing meconium, which is a black and gooey byproduct of digesting all this amniotic fluid and that will pass in your first few dirty diapers. well, that's disgusting. you're covered in greasy cheese and shitting tar. what a miracle!

i went for the 2nd trimester anatomy ultrasound last week, and will be meeting with my OB next week to discuss the findings.  gotta get blood drawn tomorrow to see where my thyroid levels are at after being put on the thyroid meds to see if the dosage needs tweaking or not. but all in all, i've been feeling pretty excellent, cletus.  heartburn is well managed, energy levels are good, cravings haven't been too bad. i'm really enjoying being pregnant right now.  still have not felt you kick, but hopefully will any day now.

cletus, you and i are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to go visit with some friends in atlanta. i haven't seen these friends in a very long time, and they have had three babies since the last time we met up. 3 babies under 3! it's pretty crazy, and i can't wait to go and meet them. they have a great swimming pool that i think you will enjoy. and shopping. lots of shopping.

keep growing, baby banana!

love, your momz.

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