Wednesday, October 12, 2011

23, 24 and 25 weeks!

dear cletus;
the last few weeks have been busy ones. jewish holidays, day trips to buffalo, i worked the ontario provincial election.. time is flying by at an unprecedented rate. i can only imagine how busy and how fast time will fly once you're here.

i am officially 6 months along! i have discovered that women of my generation count pregnancy in weeks and women of my mom's generation count in months. when i tell women my mom's age that i am however many weeks pregnant, i can see them doing quick math in their heads to figure out how many months. so i tell people weeks or months depending on which age demographic they fit into.  i'm going to start a new way of keeping track and start counting in minutes.

cletus, this week you are nearly a foot long and weigh 1.75 lbs! that's about the length of a hot house cucumber! you've been busy building fat stores under your skin so you will be a plump little peach when you're born.  your lungs are getting more mature and have started making surfactant which will help them inflate once you're here. your eyes will be starting to open soon, and i hope the site of the inside of my uterus is appealing to you!  you're also becoming more sensitive to noise and not only can hear the sounds of my gurgling tummy and breathing, but mine and other people's voices.  you'll also recognize the voices you're hearing now most frequently.

the best thing about the last couple weeks is that i have really started to feel you moving. it's kind of my favourite thing ever. at first i could only feel you move when i was still and quiet and usually lying down. i guess the more weight you gain, the more noticeable your movements are. i can feel you all day long, whether i'm busy doing things or not. you seem to really love when i'm lying down with our gryffie cat lying on my belly. he purrs his head off, and i guess you must be able to hear or feel that buzzing and you kick the crap out of that kitty. it makes me giddy. i can feel your kicks and you shifting around, which feels really weird. i understand that once you're really big and your uterine condo is getting cramped for space that the movements can get to be a bit uncomfortable, but right now i can't wait till the next time you give me a jab. i also felt you hiccuping a couple days ago! so cool!

your baba (my mom.. dan's mom will be called babka) is a world class quilter.  she does every stitch by hand, and it is truly a labour of love.  we picked up some fabric for a pattern that i picked out. it's going to be GORGEOUS.  she has already started putting it together. i know i've already mentioned this, cletus, but your grandparents are going to love the shit out of you.

so pretty and feminine!

in the last couple weeks of my second trimester, i have to say that i feel like i win at being pregnant.  i have been feeling so great. i love being pregnant.  even in the beginning with my crazy fatigue, i never felt terrible or awful. usually i am a very impatient person. i thought the nearly 10 months that i'd be carrying you would be spent counting down the minutes until you were finally here.  and while i absolutely can't wait to meet you and greet every  new week of my pregnancy with joy, i think i will miss being pregnant. it's nice having you all to myself and feeling you be a part of me.

i have my glucose tolerance test coming up next week. i'm a little anxious about the test because i've heard so many nasty stories from people i know that involved copious vomiting.  i'm also a little concerned because i used to be diabetic and would hate to have to deal with that again.  i have been trying to really limit my junk food and eat healthfully and balanced. of course, some days are better than others, but i think on the whole, i really try for healthy whole foods and limit my processed refined crap. here's hoping it won't be anything i need to worry about.

i WILL post next week! 

keep movin, shakin, and growin, my little jumping bean :)

love, your mom.

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  1. ohhh i love your writing jude. i feel the movements. life is good.