Thursday, October 20, 2011

26 weeks!

dear cletus;

well well well, you sure have been busy. your kicks are getting so strong now that i can actually see them through my belly. it's fascinating in a very sigourney weaver alien sort of way. last night while i was reading in bed you became extremely active, kicking and jabbing like a prize fighter. i called your dad up who has thus far not been able to feel you kicking. every time you start, he puts a hand on my belly and you immediately stop. ANYHOW he managed to feel and see you kicking away, and it was a wonderful little moment. he kissed me and then kissed my belly and then i cried like a pussy for a half an hour.  cletus, you and your pregnancy hormones have turned me into a big blubbering wimp, and it's getting worse by the day. i can't watch the news, or anything remotely sad or heartfelt in any way. also, i've noticed that things that are the least bit scary or suspenseful make me feel really anxious. it's pretty pathetic.

this week you are the size of a cauliflower and have reached the 2 pound mark! your immune system is gearing up and your lungs are getting stronger and stronger. your taste buds are also developing, and you can taste what i ate about 2 hours beforehand in my amniotic fluid. also, your hearing is getting better every day!

i'm still feeling great, and in another 10 days will be starting my third trimester. i know i keep saying it, but time is moving so fast, it's making my head spin.  i've planned out your nursery, and hopefully within the next couple weeks, we'll get it painted and your furniture will arrive, and i will probably just stand in that room and cry all day long.  i have little diy decor projects on the go, and they are so delicious that it's making me sick just to think about them. your room is going to rock, cletus.

now i must shake a leg, because in 2.5 hours i am boarding a bus to montreal to visit with nicole for the weekend. i should probably pack.

keep growing, lil girl!
~love, your momz.

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