Tuesday, October 25, 2011

27 weeks!

dear cletus;

our second trimester is drawing to a close.  the honeymoon trimester is almost over! i have enjoyed all the energy, un-sore boobs, and the general feeling of wellness.  apparently, i can now expect my tits to start hurting again, the return of my fatigue, more leg cramps, swollen feet, hemorrhoids, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, and other various and sundry loveliness.  i am hoping for the best, that the third will be like my first trimester and be relatively symptom free.

this week you are 2 and a quarter pounds and are the size of a chinese cabbage.  the fissures on your brain's surface are forming, and you have apparently begun to dream.  i can't imagine what you must dream about. i guess if you're able to hear what me and your dad talk about most of the time, you probably dream about our cats. you're opening and closing your eyes all the time, and have regular sleeping and waking intervals. you're also kicking the shit out of me all the live long day.  i look down and see my belly bopping and shifting through my shirt.  it's extremely bizarre, but also make me grin like an idiot every time. you are a very very active little girl. even as i type this, you are doing your crazy cancan mexican jumping bean routine all up ins.  you seem to like to hang out towards my right.

tonight your dad will be painting your nursery. it's all taped off and ready to go. then we can get your furniture all assembled and packed in there. we already have your change table and book case.  your crib is en route and should be here within a week or so.  i already have 1320912382190 outfits for you ready to be hung up.  cletus, you aren't even born yet and already you have more winter coats than i do. i have a bunch of decor projects on the go.  i hope you love your room.  actually, if we're being honest, we won't likely be in this house long enough for you to have any memory of your room. but i promise to love your room enough for both of us.

lots of medical appointments in the next couple weeks. i saw the OB last week. she has moved our appointments to once every two weeks instead of once a month now that i'll be starting the 3rd trimester.  so far so good.  i'm trying my best to make sure i'm taking the best possible care of you that i can. see my family doc on friday and the nephrologist for a recheck on monday.

well, that was probably pretty boring to everyone except me.

keep growin, my little gymnast!

love, your mom :)

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  1. *sigh* Jude *sigh*

    So lovely to experience this through your words.