Friday, November 18, 2011

week 30!!

dear cletus;

i have been bad with posting, and i'm sorry.  these past three weeks have been very busy.  your auntie jessica came to visit for a whole week! it was a super fun time.  your babka, (my mother in law) threw me a fantastic baby shower.  cletus, you will not be naked, that's for sure. you got so many adorable outfits! i can't wait to put you in them. you got lots of other great stuff, too.  basically, we don't need anything anymore and if i had three baby girls, they would all have what to wear. you are so loved and you're not even born yet.

your daddy and i have been busy getting your room ready and the house organized for when you're here.  he painted your room, put all your furniture together, and the room looks awesome!  i am working at getting all your decor stuff together. i have a couple projects on the go which i think will look absolutely gorgeous when they're all done and set up. 

currently, you're weighing in at about 3 lbs and are about the size of 4 navel oranges. i think that's a weird measurement, but whatever. 4 navel oranges, it is.  basically from here on in, it's a weight gaining marathon with you gaining a lb every other week, which means you'll more than double your current weight by the time you're born.

you have been a super active little girl.  your movements are starting to feel less jabby and more pressure-y and shifty. i can feel you switching positioning a lot.  i like when i'm lying in bed and suddenly an apple-sized round bump pops up in the middle of my belly. i figure it's either your head or your bum.  you used to like to hang out on the right side of my belly but seem to be preferring the left these days.  also, you do this great thing where you like to use my bladder as a trampoline. i do not like that, cletus. not in the least. i already need to go pee often enough.

i'm seeing my OB every two weeks, now.  i passed my glucose tolerance test, which made me very happy.  my blood pressure is nice and normal. no foot swelling yet.  i find that i'm getting up more often at night to pee and because my positioning seems to get uncomfortable more often, but i'm still managing to get good sleep.  have been having some headaches and my fatigue is starting to creep back a little, but not nearly as bad it was in the first trimester.  otherwise, things are pretty great!

it's been lots of fun putting your things together and getting ready for you being here and part of our lives.  i'm not scared of labour, because i know what needs to happen will happen and you'll be fine, but i'm a little nervous about what life is going to look like after you're here.  there is going to be so much to do!  but people get through it and we will, too. you'll be here in just over two months!!

i'm getting ready to start filling our freezer so i can stop worrying about what we'll eat once you're born.  a full freezer will make for a calmer mommy, and that is worth it's weight in gold, just ask your daddy. two soups are being made today, and lots of crock pot meals will be prepped and frozen in the coming weeks.

keep growing, baby girl!

love, your mom :)

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