Sunday, December 18, 2011

week 34.75 :)

dear cletus;

oh look, it's almost freakin' christmas. november and december have gone by like something really really fast and on fire hurtling through space. a meteor. yeah, that's what. i'm getting distracted by how the days are turning into weeks, etc. this time of the year always seems to whiz by, but this is ridiculous!

you weight about 5 lbs and are the size of a canteloupe! beta carotene! your movements are feeling different as you get bigger. less jabby/kicky, more pressurey. i feel you turn over. i'm sorry my uterus couldn't be any bigger for you, but i'm pretty sure it's nearly coming out of my mouth as it is. i've started to feel you up under my ribs.

this week will be a quick ultrasound to check if you are head down. i'm excited to see you! we haven't seen you since week 20 and we won't see you again till you're plopped all covered in jello and cream cheese onto my chest. they will also do the group b strep test.

i have been starving all the time. i would eat the cats if they weren't so goddamned quick. i have been dealing with some carpal tunnel issues in my right hand, which sucks, but it's been better since i got a splint to wear at night sent to me by a sweet friend who had similar problems when she was pregnant. hopefully it should disappear once you're born. i get super tired in the afternoon. luckily i can nap basically whenever i want, so i find a 1-1.5 nap is all i need to feel better. otherwise, things are really good!

we went to our labour and delivery class at the hospital last weekend, and had a really great instructor. she's a L&D nurse at north york general, and was really nice and engaging. we toured the maternity floor, learned where to go when we get to the hospital, saw some of the birthing suites (they each have jacuzzis in them!) and the mother/baby rooms. i think both dan and i learned a few things.

i've packed my bag and your bag, and the nursery is ready.

baby girl, i am getting extremely excited to meet you. i stare at all the babies i see and wonder if you'll look anything like them. i feel like i should have an idea in my head of what you'll look like, but i really don't. no clue. good thing i get to meet you soon so i can find out!

37 days to go. wow.

keep growin, baby girl... but not TOO much ;)

love, mom.

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