Friday, December 23, 2011

week 35!

dear cletus;

i don't know what to tell you.  you are probably the size of a freakin' elephant this week, are 4 feet long and weigh 318219281 lbs. i feel you up under my ribs. you are active and moving all the time. ALL THE TIME. TAKE A FREAKING NAP.  your movements are weird feeling, and less noticeable than before when you would poke and jab, parry and thrust. now sometimes i'll notice i haven't felt any pokes in a while, but once i put my hands on my belly i can feel you shifting around in there. it's bizarre, but i think i will miss this feeling once you're out.

how am i feeling? full. gravid. pregnant. moving around is getting more challenging. getting turned over in bed or off the couch can be a super fun time. my hand is better some days and worse the next, depending on what i've been up to.  right now i've been spending a lot of time crocheting gifts for the holidays, so some mornings i feel pretty sore. so far no real noticeable swelling in the feet, and just some mild swelling in my hands. also, tired and getting tireder. naps are a survival mechanism.

your nursery is set up, and now we're organizing the extra room adjacent to yours as a nursing area/spillover storage space for all your stuff. we went to ikea yesterday to get two dressers which will hopefully be put together this weekend so i can get back to organizing and getting ready.  we bought a gliding recliner chair with a built in footrest thinger, and that is supposed to be arriving this morning. i like getting stuff ready for you. it calms me to have a project. your mommy is nuts :)

yesterday your dad and i went to see dr lackie and she did an ultrasound to confirm whether or not you were head down and getting ready to be born.  you are! head down, facing the right way, and super cute. we saw your brain, your heart, your face, hands and feet. and your junk. you're still a girl.

today we are celebrating chanukkah with my side of the family and then sunday will be christmas at your babka's house. weird to think that next time you'll be a big girl nearly a year old.. maybe walking even! last year around this time, we were a couple months shy of getting married. lots can change in the space of a year! we've had a couple doozies ;)

see you soon, cletus!
love, your mom.

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