Friday, January 13, 2012

38 weeks!

dear cletus;

welllll, things are whipping on by as fast as ever, except i can see the finish line clearly from where i am. you weigh somewhere around 7 lbs this week and are about 20 inches long, the length of a leek!  speaking of leeks, i have to take many of them all the time. you are really low in my pelvis and it often feels like i am smuggling a bowling ball in my vagina. lots of pelvis pressure and low back pain, still. when i stand up from lying down i feel you drop down as i'm standing, and it don't tickle, cletus.  that's ok, because it shouldn't be much longer now, and the vast majority of my pregnancy was so pleasant, while lots of women i know have such a hard time, i still feel pretty fortunate. 3 weeks of discomfort out of 40 is pretty damned good!

i have a nesting thing going on that is out of control. i want this house to be READY FOR YOU, whatever that means. i have begun marathon cooking sessions in an attempt to fill our downstairs deep freeze with meals i can just pop into the crockpot/oven so that i don't have as much to do, cooking-wise, once you're here. as of last night, i'm pretty sure we have our first month of meals taken care of, if not more.  i know we would not starve if i didn't do this, but i'm trying to do whatever it is that will make our lives easier once you're here.  i don't do well with lots of distraction when i want to focus on something, and i feel like having all these items in place will make me feel more calm and happy.

did you know, cletus, that you have not only one room,  but two?  your nursery is pretty small, but i didn't realize quite how small it would be once we loaded all your furniture in there. there wasn't enough room to put the awesome nursing glider your dad got me for the holidays. so we disassembled the guest room adjacent to your nursery and set it up as your second room. we got a couple dressers from ikea, and put the nursing chair in there along with a bunch of your other things, and now you have a suite of rooms. very posh, cletus. first world fetus, indeed. 

i ended up in the hospital last week for 4 hours because my blood pressure went up from out of nowhere. the hospital i'm having you at (which by the way, was the hospital i was born at) has an assessment room just for preggos, so you get to bypass emergency and go straight there.  i don't know if all hospitals are like that, but it's a great idea. we were there for about 4 hours. they took my blood pressure, did some blood work, and were monitoring you the whole time with that belly heartbeat monitor band thingy. your heartbeat was good and strong and never dipped at all, so they were quite satisfied that everything was ok. honestly, i don't think they care too much how mommy is doing as long as baby is showing stable signs, and you sure were.  i also had no other concerning symptoms, so after the 4 hrs my blood pressure had returned to normal and they sent us on our way. i felt lots better knowing you were ok.

a couple days ago i was having some contractions.  not painful ones, but the most significant they've been so far. last night i had 4 inside of an hour, and then they totally stopped.  i still have a week and a half until my due date. your dad and i are really ready and excited to meet you! usually i get a bit anxious about not knowing when things are going to happen. i have a thing about being on time and punctual. i like to be feel prepared for things. however, i've resigned myself (let's say 85%) to the fact that you will come according to your own schedule, no matter how inconvenient that might be to me ;)  one of the many things i'll have to GET USED TO.

well, i  have a full day of awesome ahead of me. in an hour, i will go have my hour and a half massage with your auntie jenn, then i have my appointment with the OB, then your auntie yvette is taking me out to lunch for my birthday. not a bad day!  btw.. you have many awesome aunties who are anxious to meet you.

see you soon, baby girl! you'll know i'm your mom when you come out by all the crying and snotting and omging i'll be doing.

love, mumsy.

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