Wednesday, January 4, 2012

week 37!

dear cletus;

the final countdown has begun. this pregnancy is now considered full term, and you could safely be born any time now. you acknowledged this milestone at some point on monday by dropping deeper into my pelvis and causing me a world of chronic back pain and the urge to pee with even more frequency than ever before, which was already pretty damned frequent.  i'm not mad at ya, because you're just doing what babies do who are getting ready to be born, but man, my back hurts. i went for chiro today and and going back tomorrow for another chiro session and a massage. i'm hoping that will start me feeling better.

you seem to be feeling just fine. you're shifting and stretching out all day on and off.  a hiccups session here and there. you're about 6.5 lbs now and the length of a stalk of swiss chard. 

i'm now seeing my OB once a week to make sure things are in check. blood pressure and protein/glucose excretion are monitored to make sure pre-eclampsia isn't happening. so far, everything is checking out just fine. i'm always a tiny bit nervous that my blood pressure will start to go up, as it's been a concern in the past, but keep coming back from my appointments pleasantly surprised.

less than three weeks left till my due date, and we are pretty ready.  i give your dad more and more tasks, and he does them like a trooper.  starting today, i will prepare one recipe for the freezer every day for the next couple weeks. i need to get a bunch of aluminum dishes from the dollar store.  this is very intriguing stuff, eh cletus? ok i will sum up.

i am not anxious about your delivery, really. i'm excited about the process, and every change in my body, i wonder IS THIS IT?  everyone i know seems to want to tell me that every fart and burp is a SURE SIGN I"M GOING TO HAVE THIS BABY RIGHT NOOOOOW.  i don't feel like anything is about to happen.  i had a dream that your delivery date was january 22.  22 is my favourite number. i dreamed up your name and dreamed up that you were a girl, so i wouldn't be surprised if january 22 will indeed be your due date. it will happen when it happens. i am very excited to finally see your face, and call you by your name and give you kisses.

go easy on my back, baby girl. i'll need my strength to push you out.

see you soon!


  1. Important note: restaurant supply stores are your friend. They sell packages of fifty aluminum containers for like $6 in a good variety of sizes. I use them to freeze recipes all the time. Also, to prep raw meatloaf and then you can bake it right from frozen and it's soo.... comforting.

  2. that's a great tip! thanks, i'll check it out :D